Fairfax County Award Winning Preschool!

Our preschool is recognized as an "Exemplary Community Early Childhood Site" for our expertise in including all children, by meeting individual needs.

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CPCP 40 Years

Clifton Presbyterian Church Preschool is a developmental preschool. Our primary goal is to work on the total development of each child.  The program is designed to provide opportunities which will enable and encourage the child to develop in the following areas:

  • Skills in expressing ideas and communicating with others.
  • A growing body of knowledge of the world.
  • A growing fund of democratic attitudes, appreciations and values.
  • Appreciation and understanding of self, family, community and world.
  • Skills and pleasure in creative, expressive and physical activities.
  • Socialization skills, and a position as a functioning member of a group.
  • Independence and self-direction.
  • An interest and joy in learning.
  • Responsibility for self, for others and to others.
  • A caring and considerate attitude toward others, and respect for others.

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