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Babies and Children in Nursery Care

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Some parents prefer to bring infants and younger children straight to the nursery.  Some prefer to have their children join them in the sanctuary until after Children’s Time, and take them to the nursery then. Some like to have their children remain with them during the entire worship service.  These decisions are made by each family and all are okay!

CPC Nursery Care Mission Statement

Children are a gift entrusted to us by God who calls each of us beloved children. When we bring children to be baptized in the church, the whole congregation promises to support the parents in raising up the child in the Christian faith. As we bring our children into the life of worship and the family of faith, we show the love of God to our children. Just as God loves us before we respond to that love, through nursery care we show children God’s love before they are able to know and respond to that love.  We also welcome them fully into all that we do together in the church as the Body of Christ. We pray for the children as they grow and learn what it means to follow Jesus Christ.

What Caregivers Can Expect From Parents

  • Refrain from bringing a sick child to the nursery.
  • Provide information to the caregiver (sign in with parents’ names and child’s name, any known allergies, nap schedules...).
  • Be reachable during worship service for diaper changes.
  • Label everything brought to the nursery for the child.
  • Bring appropriate and necessary items for their child (clothing, bottle, diapers...).
  • Promptly and personally pick up their child from the nursery.
  • Communicate with the caregivers about their child’s stay in the nursery.

What Parents Can Expect From the Caregiver and Volunteers

  • Attend to the child’s physical and developmental needs.
  • Ask an usher to find you in the sanctuary for diaper changes or other needs
  • Obtain information about the child’s needs and habits.
  • Provide an atmosphere of trust for both parents and children.
  • Demonstrate a sense of calm assurance and love.
  • Respect parents’ concerns.
  • Ensure a safe, secure place for the children.

When You Drop Off Your Child

  • Sign in your child
  • Let the nursery attendant know who you are and where the child’s belongings are.
  • Begin your goodbye routine. For example, sign in, put child’s belongings in cubicle, hug your child and say goodbye.
  • Enjoy worship knowing your child will be safely and lovingly cared for.